The Brink of the Furnace

I was moved some time ago by reading Jonathan Edwards’ sermon, Christ’s Agony, in which he looks at Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Father showed Jesus the cup he was being asked to drink – full disclosure; in Edwards’ words, took Jesus to the brink of the furnace and showed him the full horror of the wrath of God. Jesus then had a chance to walk away and let wicked sinners, who deserve no mercy, perish for their sins.

“Here is the cup that you are to drink, unless you will give up your undertaking for sinner, and even leave them to perish as they deserve”

Edwards imagines Jesus asking himself, “Why should I go to plunge myself into such dreadful, amazing torments for worthless wretched worms that cannot be profitable to God, or me, and that deserve to be hated by me, and not to be loved?

Why should I, who have been living from all eternity in the enjoyment of the Father’s love, go to cast myself into such a furnace for them that never can requite me for it? Why should I yield myself to be thus crushed by the weight of divine wrath, for them who have no love to me, and are my enemies?”

There are no reasons except for Jesus’ love for us wicked sinners and his desire to do his Father’s will. What love! That Jesus would see the full cup of God’s wrath and drink it for me.

How petty I am to not love all as I see how Jesus loved all.

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